NCR Books FAQ's

1. What does ncr mean?

Ncr stands for no carbon required. In the good old days if you wanted to duplicate copies of written text it was necessary to insert a sheet of carbon paper between the sheets that you wanted to have copied. Today using modern technology, special paper is produced that permits the transfer of information from one sheet to another, without the need for carbon paper.

2. What are ncr books?

Ncr books are used by businesses and organisations that want to keep a copy of written records. The ncr books are made up of duplicate, triplicate or quad 'sets'. These sets are collated together, and then wire stitched together and bound with a stiff greyboard back and a manila card front cover. A black tape is added to the spine to give a very neat appearance. Typically in a ncr duplicate book we will perforate the top copy of each set so that it can easily be removed from the book and given to your customer, and the second page will remain fast in the book as your permanent copy. Typically in a ncr triplicate book we will perforate the top two copies and the third page will remain fast in the book. We can however accommodate any of your perforation requirements. We provide as standard in our ncr books a 'loose' writing shield. This strawboard insert is placed between the ncr sets so that when you write on the first set, the impression does not penetrate down through the book. For a few pence extra we can provide a 'fixed' writing shield which is a manila card flap attached to the rear cover which folds neatly into the book to form your writing shield.

3. What is the difference between a ncr book and a ncr pad?

In an ncr book the ncr sets are wire stitched together and then bound with a manila front cover and a greyboard back. The books will have a neat black tape along the binding. Typically in a duplicate invoice book the first page of each duplicate set would be perforated so that it can easily be torn from the book and the second page of each duplicate set would not be perforated and remain fast in the book as your permanent copy. Typically if you have an A5 invoice duplicate book then the first page torn out will be A5 minus 15mm, which is the amount of stub left in the book. When we are designing artwork for customers for an ncr book we therefore allow for a 15mm stub. In ncr pads the duplicate or triplicate or quad sets are tip glued and attached to a greyboard back. The pages are easily removed and the page torn out will be the same size as the pad, so that if you have an A4 duplicate pad then the page torn out will be exactly A4. We do not usually put a front cover on our ncr pads. As there is less manufacturing involved in an ncr pad they are cheaper than an ncr book.

4. How many sets can we have in our ncr books

If you require duplicate books we like to put 100 sets in each book. If you require triplicate or quad sets we like to put 50 sets in each book. We can however accommodate any particular requirements you may have.

5. Can we have different colour paper in our ncr books?

Yes. We have different coloured special ncr paper. Colours available are white, pink, yellow, blue and green. Typically we use white paper for the top copy, pink paper for the second copy, yellow paper for the third copy and blue paper for the fourth copy. You can however choose any colour paper combination you require.

6. What sizes of ncr books are available?

As we custom manufacture your ncr books we can make any size. However it is cheaper to manufacture your books if you order in standard sizes because then our specialist ncr print machinery will not waste any paper. Standard sizes are A6 (148mm x 105mm), A5 (210mm x 148mm), A4 (297mm x 210mm) and A3 (420mm x 297mm).

7. Can we have our ncr books numbered?

Yes we can sequentially crash number the books in either red or black print. This is particularly useful for invoice and receipt books.

8. What are typical uses of ncr books?

Ncr books are used by many organisations that need to keep a permanent record of hand-written business transactions. Typical uses are ncr invoice books, ncr receipt books, ncr purchase order books, ncr delivery books and ncr timesheet books. We can easily recreate any of your existing ncr books.

9. What can we have printed in our ncr books?

As we custom manufacture your ncr books we can print totally bespoke to your design. We can supply free ncr templates of typical requirements such as ncr invoice books, ncr receipt books and ncr purchase order books. We can incorporate any of your company logos.

10. Can we have our ncr books printed in more than one colour?

Yes we can print your ncr books in one, two, three and even full cmyk colour. It is cheaper to print in one colour and even cheaper if that one colour is black. Extra colours to print involve extra film and plates and additional cleaning down time between jobs. If your company logos have more than one colour we can easily convert them to grayscale and then we can print them along with your text on a single black plate. This saves you money on your printed ncr books.

11. Can we print on the reverse of the paper in our ncr books?

Yes. Many organisations like to have printed their terms and conditions on the reverse side. There is an additional cost for this as we have to make an extra film and plate, and the job in effect has to go through our machinery twice.

12. What artwork do you require to print our ncr books?

If you have a graphic design department then our preferred artwork files are a press ready pdf file or an eps file with all text converted to outlines. If you do not have any artwork then you can simply scan and email your existing copy. (If you have any company logos then please provide these as separate tiff or high res jpeg files.) If you wish to design your own artwork then you can send as PC Word or PC Excel. If you have unusual fonts then please attach the font file. You can also you our free ncr templates and we will adapt them to suit your organisation.

13. How much do your ncr books cost?

It depends on a few factors. The most important determinant of the cost is the quantity that you decide to have printed. The price per unit drops considerably as the quantity printed increases. The other major factors are the numbers of colours to print and the size of the finished ncr product e.g. A6, A5 or A4.

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